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ile General Worth moved towards San Antonio. "During the night of the 19th of August it rained, and the men camped without fires. Early in the morning of the 20th the order to march was given. The Mexicans were taken a good deal by surprise. Contreras was won by a

sharp fight that did not last long, and the invaders pushed on to San Angel, which was evacuated as they approached. Some [Pg 246] of the cannon taken by the Americans were those which were lost at Buena Vista, and the me

n who lost them were the very ones who had the good-fortune to make the capture. BATTLE OF CHURUBUSCO.—CH

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ARGE OF "THE PALMETTOS." "San Antonio was abandoned before the Americans reached it, but a stand was made at Churubusco, farther on; this was attacked in front and rear at the same time. Santa Anna considered it the key of the Mexican position, and the place was defended by 30,000 men. They made a good defence, and at one time it looked as though the assailants would be repulsed. Some of the most gallant fighting of the day was performed by a South Carolina regi

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